The Art stuff:

Senior thesis artists statemet:

My work is…  A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in my nightmares.

I create dynamic and odd compositions from the fears and dramas of my subconscious. My goal is to blend the real with the imagined giving the viewer and myself a new perspective. These works are very personal but speak of things that are common among humanity.  The use of paper, board, watercolor, and ink create a very tactile environment, which one can easily interact with. The use of moving parts is also meant to encourage interaction and add to my narrative. My work is a dark, romantic and playful alternate reality, which opens my mind through its creation.


Gallery 1215, sophomore/junior show 2007

Burren College of Art, Imported 2008

HAS Senior show, Of Two Minds 2009

20 West Gallery, Group Exhibition 2009


I have a BFA in painting and art history from the University of Hartford (Hartford Art School)


I currently work as the education assistant and new media intern for The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

Writing: I write a segment for the Underground Art School blog entitled Tipping Points.

The Personal Stuff:

I grew up in Montclair  New Jersey. I am the daughter of a teacher/musician(mom) and an engineer/environmental enthusiast(dad). I love history as much as art because of how they affect people, and show the emotions and trends of humanity.


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